What Is DECA?

    • An Association of Marketing Students
    • The DECA high school division was started in the early 1950s to fulfill a specific goal.
    • That goal was to lead young minds to lifetime skills while preparing them for careers in marketing, management, and entrepreneurship.
    • What began with a few hundred students in just 17 states has expanded to having chapters in 5,000 high schools and 200 colleges.
    • In Minnesota alone there are over 2,000 student members and 50 chapters.
    What is North High DECA?
    The North High chapter has a long legacy of success. For the past decade, North DECA has been the number one DECA chapter in the state, turning the program into a DECA dynasty. The North DECA program incorporates three separate aspects: the classroom, the school store, and DECA competition. In the classroom, students have the opportunity to learn first hand about business fields of interest to them such as advertising, entrepreneurship and international business, as well as the art of sales. For students at North, learning goes far beyond the textbook. Rather, it implements skills and strategies that can be used in the real world. These skills include technical, communication, human relations, and employability skills. Next, the students put what they have learned into action by running the school store. Skills utilized include retail floor sales, cashiering, and even bakery. Finally, all of this knowledge is showcased in DECA competition. Events range from role-plays, to written business plans, and even sales demonstrations. Through competition students are given the chance to be recognized for all of their hard work. However, in the end, the trophies aren’t what really matter to North High. It’s about the experience, growth and foundational beginnings of success, which will allow the students to jumpstart their career.