• Community Education Office at the District Education Center
    2520 East 12th Avenue, Room 204, North St. Paul, MN 55109
    Fax: 651-748-7497 
Name Title Office Email
Laura Greenlee-Karp Youth Programs Coordinator 651-748-7446 lgreenleekarp@isd622.org
Theresa Kohner Youth Enrichment/Aquatics Clerk 651-748-7442 tkohner@isd622.org
Laura Lofgren Adventure Connection Nurse/Health Consultant 651-748-7557 llofgren@isd622.org
Linda Napoli Aquatics Coordinator 651-748-7436 lnapoli@isd622.org
Kurt New Adventure Connection Supervisor 651-748-7634 knew@isd622.org
Megan Pettit Adventure Connection Facilitator 651-748-7428 mpettit@isd622.org
Angie Polos Adventure Connection Billing and Registration Clerk 651-748-7432 apolos@isd622.org
Amanda Pfarr Adventure Connection Inclusion Facilitator 651-748-7585 apfarr@isd622.org

Adventure Connection Sites

Name Title Location Office Mobile Email
Mary Boushee Site Manager Carver Elementary 651-702-8298 651-359-3069 mboushee@isd622.org
Qasim Adams Program Assistant Carver Elementary 651-702-8298 651-359-3069 qadams@isd622.org
Jessica Holmes Site Manager Castle Elementary 651-748-6798 651-359-4366 jholmes@isd622.org
Jodie Aaron Program Assistant Castle Elementary 651-748-6798 651-359-4366 jaaron@isd622.org
Lisa Harrington Site Manager Cowern Elementary 651-748-6898 651-359-3073 lharrington@isd622.org
Cassie Vervair Program Assistant Cowern Elementary 651-748-6898 651-359-3073 cvervair@isd622.org
Stacy Jackson Site Manager Eagle Point Elementary 651-702-8398 651-359-4367 sjackson@isd622.org
Tracy Roy Program Assistant Eagle Point Elementary 651-702-8398 651-359-4367 troy@isd622.org
Christina Harrington Site Manager Oakdale Elementary 651-702-8598 651-359-3066 charrington@isd622.org
Marnee Sanders Program Assistant Oakdale Elementary 651-702-8598 651-359-3066 msanders@isd622.org
Carol Gustafson Site Manager Richardson Elementary 651-748-6998 651-359-3060 cgustafson@isd622.org
Izabela Hunt Program Assistant Richardson Elementary 651-748-6998 651-359-3060 ihunt@isd622.org
Michelle Dietz Site Manager Skyview Elementary 651-702-8198 651-359-3070 mdietz@isd622.org
Taylor Hess Program Assistant Skyview Elementary 651-702-8198 651-359-3060 thess@isd622.org
Rebecca Batchelder Site Manager Weaver Elementary 651-748-7098 651-359-4365 rbatchelder@isd622.org
Linette Shoemaker Program Assistant Weaver Elementary 651-748-7098 651-359-4365 lshoemaker@isd622.org
Tom Engebretson Epic Connection Site Manager Skyview Middle School 651-702-8184 651-359-3070 tengebretson@isd622.org