• English Language Learners   

    ESL is an academic program that provides supplemental language arts instruction for children whose first language is not English.
    The purpose of the ESL program is to support English language skills to allow students to become successful in academic and professional areas.  ESL programs are available at all schools within our district.
    Every year, ESL staff teach over 1100 English language learners in District 622.  Our students come from a variety of countries and speak a variety of languages.  Currently, about 59% speak Hmong, 22% speak Spanish, 8% speak African languages, and 11% speak other languages.
    Bilingual Hmong, Somali and Spanish-speaking liaisons are available to help families communicate with staff. For more information about the EL program, interpreters or translators of other languages, please contact or Sarah Peterson (651) 748 7457 Jacob Law (651) 592 5180.