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Immunization Information
Minnesota School Immunization Law (State Statutes #123.70) states that your child must complete immunization requirements before starting school. Students transferring to ISD 622 must provide immunization information when registering. Immunizations must be up-to-date prior to starting school or the child will not be allowed to enter school until immunizations are complete. Exemptions to immunization requirements are medical status or conscientious objectors. A waiver form must be signed and notarized for those students requesting exemption status.

A copy of your child's current immunization record must be on file at his/her school.

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No shots, no school for District 622 students

As parents and students gear up for the start of the new school year, remember to make sure that students are up-to-date on all of their required shots.

The North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale School District has a “No Shots, No School” policy, which means that all students must have the proper immunizations, be a conscientious objector, or have a medical exemption BEFORE starting school.

Minnesota law and School Board policy requires written proof of scheduled shots for students in grades K-12. If a child has a medical reason, or if his/her parents are conscientiously opposed to any or all of the scheduled shots, a legal exemption is available. To file an exemption, you must complete a form, which is provided by the school district. The form is also available on the Minnesota Department of Health’s Web site at

The Minnesota Required Childhood Immunization Schedule can be found at

For more information, call your doctor, clinic or health plan. If you do not have insurance, or your insurance does not cover these immunizations, contact Washington County Public Health at 651-430-6655 or Ramsey County Public Health at 651-266-1234.