• Practices

    Practices will be from 3:15 pm-5:30pm on days we are not in the weight room, and 3:15-6:30pm on days we are in the weight room. We may have to have some morning practices, but these will be communicated well in advance. These are mandatory practices. If rides to practice are an issue, talk with one of the upperclass players who could pick you up! Communication is key!
    Players must come prepared to practice and must have the following to participate:
    • Goggles
    • Stick
    • Mouth guard
    • Gym shoes and cleats
    Players will not be allowed to participate without any of the listed equipment. 
    Be sure that you are ready to start practicing at 3:15!
    If you need to stay after school to work with a teacher, you need to let the coaches know ahead of time so that we can plan practice accordingly.  Although we know that school comes first, we don't enjoy having to find out where our players are if they don't show up.
    ***Players are expected to be ready to warm up at the start of practice. This means you must have all your gear on and ready to go!