• Dear Parent/Guardian,

                Our primary goal in Language Arts is to help build strong strategies that will catalyze the complex work your students do as lifelong readers. Our hope is that they leave our classrooms as readers who not only are prepared to face the critical reading realities of the world around them, but also as individuals with a love and passion of reading. 

          The Reader’s Workshop model closely aligns to what students are accustomed to from the elementary literacy block.  It also allows teachers the opportunity to tailor into the instruction more individually and appropriately for each student in the class. Most importantly, more class time is available for students to read.  Research suggests that the amount of independent reading time children do in school is related to gains in reading achievement.  Independent reading is also a major source of vocabulary growth and reading fluency.

    There are a few expectations of students that will ensure our success this year:
    Class Structures - A balanced reading program with quality instruction involves many elements.  In Reader’s Workshop, students have an opportunity to:

    ·         Listen to and respond to good literature;

    ·         Participate in individual and small-group reading instruction;

    ·         Read individually or with other students;

    ·         Select material at the appropriate level. (i.e. ‘just right’ books);

    ·         Participate in lessons using many reading strategies;

    ·         Focus on comprehension;

    ·         Integrate reading and writing activities;

    We believe that the ultimate goal in reading is personal understanding and enjoyment. Within our Reader’s Workshop, we watch our students display these characteristics every day. We hope to develop readers who are truly motivated to read and who want to read well.

    Homework- We appreciate your continued involvement in your child’s reading.  We encourage you to support your child’s reading on a regular basis at home.  Our expectation is for students to be reading “just right” books at a pace of about a book a week.  While they will be getting a significant amount of time to read during class, this cannot happen by just reading at school. The best way to support your student’s reading is to designate a set time and place at home, with plenty of appropriate reading material, to help make reading a priority.  7th grade students should read at home for 30 minutes each day.
    Conduct Expectations- All John Glenn readers are held to high behavioral standards.  All students will be expected to follow classroom directives and the John Glenn Middle School Social Contract.
    Thank you again for your continued support.  Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions!                                                                                                         


                                                                                                    Amy Keyes