• Frequently Asked Questions

    How dol I access my deposit information online?

    Go directly to the sign-in page by clicking https://skywardweb.isd622.org/scripts/wsisa.dll/WService=wsFin/seplog01.w. Once you are logged into Skyward, you can click on "Employee Access" and then "Check History" to view your payroll information.

    Do I need to be on a District computer to log-in? 

    Employees can access the online payroll information system from any personal or work device with internet access.

    How long will my deposit information be available?

    Your deposit information will be available online for as long as you are an employee in the District. It won’t disappear from paycheck to paycheck. 

    If I have questions about the online payroll system, who do I contact? 

    Janet Doman
    School District 622 Finance Supervisor
    tel: 651-748-7576
    e-mail: jdoman@isd622.org