• Frequently Asked Questions
    How will I access my deposit information online?
    Beginning Dec. 15, simply log on to Sharepoint and click on the "Skyward Web" link under "Departments" on the right-hand side of the page. You can also go directly to the sign-in page by clicking https://skywardweb.isd622.org/scripts/wsisa.dll/WService=wsFin/seplog01.w. Once you are logged into Skyward, you can click on "Employee Access" and then "Check History" to view your payroll information.
    Log-in information, including user name and instructions on obtaining a password, will be sent to employees via e-mail between Dec. 1-15.   

    Do I need to be on a District computer to log-in?

    Beginning Dec. 15, employees will be able to access the online payroll information system from any personal or work device with internet access.

    How long will my deposit information be available?

    Your deposit information will be available online for as long as you are an employee in the District. It won’t disappear from paycheck to paycheck. 

    Will I be able to view past direct deposit information?

    Yes, your past direct deposit information will be available online as well.

    Do I have to do anything online for my money to be deposited?

    No, your pay will be deposited as usual and you do not need to perform any online task. Like the paper copy of your Direct Deposit notice, the online system just allows you to view your deposit information.

    Why is the District no longer printing out the Notice of Direct Deposit?

    The switch to an online system was needed to streamline the payroll process and become more cost-efficient. It currently takes two payroll clerks up to two days to print out the notices and stuff envelopes. In addition, switching to an online system saves paper. The District currently prints more than 1,500 paper notices twice a month – that’s more than 35,000 paper copies a year!

    If I have questions about the switch to an online system, who do I contact?

    Randy Anderson
    School District 622 Director of Business Services
    tel: 651-748-7561
    e-mail: randerson@isd622.org