• Instructional Technology Overview

    Instructional Technology in District 622

    21st Century Skills diagram
    The North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale School District is committed to providing students and staff with the instructional technology needed to become 21st Century learners.

    As part of this commitment, District 622 is exploring new and innovative classroom technologies.

    Over the past several years, District 622 has been building its technology infrastructure, which has enabled us to start bringing more of these interactive technology tools into the classroom.

    Our teachers already use interactive white boards to enhance their daily instruction and students are often engaged in learning through classroom netbooks, which are smaller, internet-enabled laptops.

    In addition, several of our teachers are now exploring learning options such as blended classrooms, flipped classrooms, and online learning.

    All of these learning options are part of our commitment toward helping students become 21st Century Learners with skills that focus on creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking.

    In addition, District 622 recently completed a comprehensive technology assessment that reviewed our current realities and made recommendations for the future.

    District 622 is on a path towards discovering how new technologies can not only enhance learning — but transform it.