Richardson's Cultural Celebration 

    Richardson is proud to represent many rich and diverse cultures from around the world.  Culture affects every aspect of our lives.  Our Cultural Celebration allows us to gather for an evening to learn and celebrate the uniqueness we each bring.  Culture simply extends beyond the foods we eat and the clothes we wear.  Thus, we are counting on you to help teach us about the intricate layers and nuances of your culture. 

    Together, we will proudly make Richardson a great place to learn and grow!  

    This event is made possible by the dedication of the Richardson families and Richardson Equity Team, Community Ed, and YLC.  Thank you!





    Have something to add?  Email Ms. Xiong at pxiong@isd622.org to let us know!  



    We'd love to hear from you!
    Hava Nagila: A joyous Israeli dance
    Hmoob Lub Neej:  A song depicting life in Laos 
    Dynamite: A student-led group who took the initiative to make the most out of their indoor recess time.  This is the kind of innovation and leaders that Richardson is proud to be producing.  
    La Raspa: A popular Mexican dance
     Japanese Dance