• Olweus


    With over thirty-five years of research and successful implementation all over the world, OBPP is a whole-school program that has been proven to prevent or reduce bullying throughout a school setting.

    All students and adults participate

    The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program is designed for students in elementary, middle, and junior high schools (students ages five to fifteen years old). Research has shown that OBPP is also effective in high schools, with some program adaptation. All students participate in most aspects of the program, while students identified as bullying others or as targets of bullying receive additional individualized interventions.

    Program Goals

    The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program is designed to improve peer relations and make schools safer, more positive places for students to learn and develop. Goals of the program include:

    •  reducing existing bullying problems among students
    •  preventing the development of new bullying problems
    •  achieving better peer relations at school

    Outcomes of the Program

    Statistics show how successful implementation of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program can reduce school bullying. Outcomes included:

    • Fifty percent or more reduction in student reports of being bullied and bullying others. Peer and teacher ratings of bullying problems have yielded similar results.
    • Significant reductions in student reports of general antisocial behavior such as school bullying, vandalism, school violence, fighting, theft, and truancy.
    • Significant improvements in the classroom social climate as reflected in students' reports of improved order and discipline, more positive social relationships, and more positive attitudes toward schoolwork and school.
    • Greater support for students who are bullied and stronger, more effective interventions for students who bully.

    More information regarding OLWEUS can be found at:  Violence Prevention Works