Tartan Girls Soccer Creed--This document was created by players, for the team. ALL players need to know this and follow it if we will have a successful team.
    ONLINE REGISTRATION for the 2018 season is open!!! Make sure to register so you can start playing when the season starts. 
    Parents--use this link to register online for soccer: isd622.feepay.com 
    Once you are here, in the Upper Right Corner is a SIGN UP button. Create an account and attach your student to it.  You will need the student's STUDENT ID # for this process.  Once set up, you will be able to click Activities across the top and see any Activity/Sport that the athlete is eligible to sign up for.  All the necessary forms are completed ONLINE and it will allow you to pay with a Credit/Debit Card or ACH Checking.
    Patty Troendle (ptroendle@isd622.org) and Chris Decorsey (cdecorsey@isd622.org) are the online registration contact people. Please contact them if you have questions.