• Bus and Bus Stop Behavior
    The privilege of riding a school bus requires appropriate behavior.  Each bus driver is responsible for the safe transportation of all students on his or her bus.  Consequently, behavior which interferes in any way with this process may be reported on a Bus Conduct Report.  Bus Conduct Reports are sent by the bus driver to the principal.  The principal will ask parents to sign and return one copy of the report.  Other copies are sent to the District's Transportation office, back to the driver, and retained at the school. 
    It is the principal's responsibility to remove a student's bus riding privilege there are safety code violations.  School Board policy suggests the following guidelines:
    • 1st violation - warning (unless the violation is extremely serious)
    • 2nd violation - removal from bus riding privileges for one week
    • 3rd violation - removal from bus riding privileges for two weeks or longer depending on the seriousness of the violation
    Although each driver establishes his or her own guidelines for behavior, we suggest that the parents reinforce with their children the need to adhere to the following general guidelines:
    1. Arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes before scheduled bus arrival time
    2. Remain seated while on the bus
    3. Keep heads, hands, etc. inside the bus and away from emergency handles
    4. Use quiet voices along with appropriate language and behavior
    Bus Policies
    According to the policy established by the supervisor of transportation, bus riders may change buses to attend authorized extracurricular functions (i.e., Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc.).  These students must have a note from the parent or guardian and give the approved form to the school office.
    Students who are normally walkers are not allowed to ride buses without permission from the office for any purpose other than field trips or activities sponsored by the school.