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304-Roles of Board and Superintendent

  • 300 Series: Administration
304-Roles of Board and Superintendent
Rationale Date Approved/Revised
The Board recognizes that while it is a policy-making body, the execution of policy and the organization of the district is properly delegated to the superintendent who is responsible for the highest quality of action and behavior.
  • 11/20/07
  • Revised: 5/21/19

It is the policy of School District 622 - North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale that the Board of Education as the sole, official governance body shall conduct business through the Superintendent.

The work of the Board of Education is to define the District results expected through its Ends policies, and to develop and implement the policies of the District.

The work of the Superintendent is to organize and manage all of the District resources in order to attain the identified goals, adhere to Board adopted policy and achieve the Mission and Vision of the District while modeling the highest level of ethical behavior. The Superintendent shall ensure that employee and student handbooks and the district website reflect District policy.

The working relationship between the Board of Education and the Superintendent will represent to the external and internal community of the District the distinct roles that define the governance and management of the schools.

Adoption and Revision History

Incorporated Policies

Policy 302




Replaced Policy: CB (Superintendent) adopted November 19, 1970; CBB (Recruitment and Employment of the Superintendent) adopted November 19, 1970; 211 (Superintendent’s Discretion and Emergency Powers) adopted May 28, 1992

This Policy Adopted: March 11, 1997; Rescinded:  August 5, 2008

Policy 304


Replaced Policy: CB (The School Superintendent) adopted November 19, 1970; CBAA (Superintendent’s Charter) adopted July 28, 1977; 210 (Superintendent of Schools) adopted May 28, 1992; 220 (Monitoring Executive Performance) adopted May 28, 1992; 304 (Monitoring Executive Performance) adopted May 28, 1992 

This Policy Adopted:  March 11, 1997; Rescinded:  August 5, 2008


This policy adopted:  November 20, 2007



This policy revised:  May 21, 2019

Revised:  June 21, 2022

MSBA 304

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