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428-Acceptable Use of Wireless Devices for Employees

  • 400 Series: Personnel
428-Acceptable Use of Wireless Devices for Employees
Rationale Date Approved/Revised
School District 622 recognizes that today’s society is different from previous generations.  Cell phones play an important part in employee and student safety and communications. 
  • 2/16/10
  • Revised:9/25/18
  • Revised: 5/21/19

 1)   General Statement  of Policy

The purpose of this policy is to recognize the need for cellular phone units in order to conduct school district business.  This policy outlines the responsibilities associated with the purchase, use, and payment of this equipment owned by the school district as well as the conditions under which a cell phone or other handheld wireless communication device may be provided to an employee. 

2)   Eligibility and Approvals

a.      A District cell phone may be an appropriate tool to conduct District business when it is demonstrated that the employee meets one or more of the following eligibility standards:

                                                     i.     Employee’s communications needs cannot be met with other available alternatives such as a paging device, a radio, or standard telephone equipment.

                                                    ii.     Employee is frequently mobile but requires immediate availability in order to respond to emergencies.

                                                   iii.     Employee requires immediate availability in order to facilitate the restoration of important services:  police/security, IT support, buildings and grounds maintenance, health and counseling services, etc.

                                                  iv.     Employee is a vital decision-maker for the school district requiring accessibility 24 x 7 x 365.

b.      Principals and Directors will be the approving authority for assigning cell phones to employees under their budget responsibilities if the employee meets one or more of the eligibility standards.  The approving authority will also ensure that employees assigned district cell phones comply with this policy and follow appropriate procedures including the responsibility for reviewing and approving monthly cell phone bills.


3)   User Responsibilities 

a.           District employees are discouraged from using a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle in the conduct of District business, except for the purpose of obtaining or rendering emergency assistance.

b.           Any individual who receives a District cellular phone/device is responsible for safekeeping and care of the phone/device and must immediately report any theft, loss or vandalism.  Such individual will be held financially responsible for replacement and/or repair costs if the phone/device is damaged due to negligence.

c.           It is expected that there will be occasions when a District cell phone is used for personal calls (any incoming/outgoing calls that are not District business). 

d.           Use of a District cell phone is a privilege that may be revoked at any time for inappropriate conduct.  Such inappropriate conduct shall include, but not limited to, using the District cell phone to harass, annoy, operate a business, use a service that requires a fee (such as 900 numbers) or for any illegal activities such as gambling or betting.

e.           In order to control unnecessary costs, the District discourages the use of cell phones when regular desktop telephones are immediately available.

f.             Employees should exercise discretion as to who has access to their District cell phone number to keep incoming calls and associated costs to a minimum.

g.           Cell phone transmissions are not secure so employees should use discretion in relaying confidential information using cell phones.

h.           The district will not reimburse personal (non-district owned) cell phone bills for District-related business calls.

i.             Only cell phones, services and plans identified by the Technology Department will be permitted for District issue to employees.  Any cell phone service (i.e. text messaging, data plan, etc.) not authorized upon setup of the District cell phone is not permitted for use and the employee will be responsible for any costs associated with unauthorized use of the cell phone.

j.             Employees issued a District cell phone shall not “loan” or otherwise make available their cell phone to non-District personnel.

k.           A District provided cell phone must be surrendered upon separation from employment or upon re-assignment to another position within the school district.  At this point, not further use of the cell phone is authorized.

l.             Improper use of the cell phone may be considered misappropriation of District funds which may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

4)   Cell Phone Procurement and Support

a.           The Technology Department is the designated authority for the negotiation and selection of the cell phone provider, service plans, cell phone handsets, and all associated accessories. 

b.           All requests for new District cell phone services are to be ordered through the Technology Department.  Employees are not to contact cell phone vendors directly for new services, service upgrades, repairs, replacement or termination of existing service.

c.           In cases where there is uncertainty about the employee’s eligibility, the Superintendent and/or designee will have the final authority to approve or deny the request.

d.           The Technology Department reserves the right to manage all cell phones. 

e.           Any Smart phone that has been configured to synchronize with District 622’s network may be subject to the following:

                                                     i.     User code to access phone

                                                    ii.     Performing a remote wipe of a telephone to remove sensitive information should the cell phone get stolen or misplaced

                                                   iii.     Occasional software upgrades or patches

                                                  iv.     Certain District specific software packages


5)   Copies of Policy

Copies of this policy may be obtained by parents and eligible students at the office of the Superintendent or online at

Adoption and Revision History

Incorporated Policies


This policy adopted:  February 16, 2010; Revised: September 25, 2018



This policy revised:  May 21, 2019



Administrative Rule, Regulation and Procedure:  NA

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