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429-Respect in the Workplace

429-Respect in the Workplace
Rationale Date Approved/Revised
The purpose of this policy is to provide a respectful workplace for all District 622 employees
  • 12/14/10
  • Revised: 5/21/19

1)                General Statement of Policy

a)              District 622 is a community of diverse races, creeds, cultures, and social affiliations.  We are committed to promoting and supporting a community where all people can work and learn together in an atmosphere free of abusive or demeaning treatment.  We value each member of the District 622 community for individual and unique talents, and applaud all efforts to enhance the quality of the school district.  We strive to maintain a climate of mutual respect and support constructive strategies for conflict resolution.

b)                All employees of the school district are expected to practice basic principles of mutual respect by:

·        Valuing each others’ work and roles.

·        Valuing each others’ perspectives and opinions, even if there is disagreement, by expressing your own perspectives and opinions respectfully, without being demeaning, disparaging, insulting, or critical toward others.

·        Being courteous to others.

·        Behaving in ways that show respect toward co-workers and others.

·        Developing relationships built on trust.

·        Promoting a climate that is fair, supportive, and responsive.

·        Creating a welcoming environment through our words, actions, and physical surroundings.

·        Encouraging open and honest communication.

·        Celebrating our differences.

c)            Violent and/or offensive behavior will not be tolerated or condoned by District 622. 


        Violent Behavior includes, but is not limited to, the use of physical force, intimidation or abuse of power or authority when the impact is to control by causing pain, fear or harm (physical or emotional).


        Offensive Behavior includes, but is not limited to: rudeness, exclusionary behavior, angry outbursts, inappropriate joking, vulgar obscenities, name-calling, or disrespectful language.  Behavior prohibited under this policy also includes requests to engage in illegal, immoral or unethical conduct, intentional filing of an unfounded complaint, or retaliation for a complaint made under this policy.


d)            It is the responsibility of every school district employee to follow this policy and for supervisors or administrators to investigate complaints made under this policy and to intervene as appropriate.  Appropriate intervention for violations of this policy may include disciplinary action, up to and including termination from employment. 

Adoption and Revision History

Incorporated Policies

Policy L-040


This Policy Adopted:  Jan. 22, 2008

Rescinded:  December 14, 2010

Policy 306


This Policy Adopted:  Mar. 11, 1997

Rescinded: Aug. 5, 2008


Policy 422


This Policy Adopted:  Dec. 4, 2001

Rescinded:  Aug. 5, 2008



This Policy Adopted:  Dec. 14, 2010



This Policy Revised:  May 21, 2019



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