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606 Textbooks and Instructional Materials

  • 600 Series: Education Programs
606 Textbooks and Instructional Materials
Rationale Date Approved/Revised
The purpose of this policy is to provide direction for selection of textbooks and instructional materials.
  • 11/22/11
  • Revised: 5/21/19
  • Revised: 6/21/22
  • Revised: 11/6/23

1)   General Statement of Policy

The school board recognizes that selection of textbooks, instructional materials and library materials is a vital component of the school district’s curriculum.  The school board also recognizes that it has the authority to make final decisions on selection of all textbooks,  instructional materials and library materials.

2)  Responsibility of Selection 

A.  While the school board retains its authority to make final decisions on the selection of textbooks, instructional materials, and and library materials the school board recognizes the expertise of the professional staff and the vital need of such staff to be primarily involved in the recommendation of textbooks and instructional materials.  Accordingly, the school board delegates to the superintendent the responsibility to direct the professional staff in formulating recommendations to the school board on textbooks and other instructional materials.

B.  In reviewing textbooks and instructional materials and library materials during the selection process, the professional staff shall select materials that:

1.  support the goals and objectives of the education programs;

2.  consider the needs, age, and maturity of students;

3.  foster respect and appreciation for cultural diversity and varied opinion;

4.  fit within the constraints of the school district budget;

5.  are in the English language.  Another language may be used, pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 124D.61;

6.  permit grade-level instruction for students to read and study America’s founding documents, including documents that contributed to the foundation or maintenance of America’s representative form of limited government, the Bill of Rights, our free-market economic system, and patriotism; and

7.  do not censor or restrain instruction in American or Minnesota state history or heritage based on religious references in original source documents, writings, speeches, proclamations, or records.

C.  The superintendent shall be responsible for developing procedures and guidelines to establish an orderly process for the review and recommendation of textbooks and other instructional materials by the professional staff.  Such procedures and guidelines shall provide opportunity for input and consideration of the views of students, parents, and other interested members of the school district community.  This procedure shall be coordinated with the school district’s curriculum development effort and may utilize advisory committees.

3)  Selection of Textbooks and Other Instructional Materials

A. The superintendent shall be responsible for keeping the school board informed of progress on the part of staff and others involved in the textbook, other instructional materials and selection process.

B.  The superintendent shall present a recommendation to the school board on the selection of textbooks and other instructional materials after completion of the review process as outlined in this policy.

4)  Reconsideration of Textbooks or Other Instructional Materials

A.  The school board recognizes differences of opinion on the part of some members of the school district community relating to certain areas of the instruction program.  Interested persons may request an opportunity to review materials and submit a request for reconsideration of the use of certain textbooks or instructional materials.

Adoption and Revision History

Incorporated Policies


This Policy Adopted:  February 10, 1998

Rescinded: November 22, 2011

Replaces Policy IIA (Instructional Material Selection and Adoption) adopted June 28, 1979; INB (Controversial Issues and Materials) adopted February 12, 1976; XXX (Instructional Resource Selection and Re-evaluation) adopted August 18, 1994.



This Policy Adopted:  November 22, 2011

MSBA 606


This Policy Revised:  May 21, 2019;

Revised: June 21 2022,  December 19, 2023


Administrative Rule, Regulation and Procedure: NA 

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Cross References:             

MSBA/MASA Model Policy 603 (Curriculum Development)

MSBA/MASA Model Policy 604 (Instructional Curriculum)