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Safety Procedures

The safety of our students and staff is our top priority.

This resource guide was created to give an overview of the current safety measures that are available in School District 622. Safety measures are consistently reviewed and updated based on recommendations from local law enforcement and other agencies.

Anonymous Tip Line

Students and families can access the Tip Line through our District 622 mobile app. To download the app, search for School District 622 in your app store. There is a green Tip Line icon. Click on it and choose the category for which you would like to report a tip. Tips can be anonymous.

Crisis Response Protocol

In the event of an emergency situation in a District 622 building, all sites follow the same protocol. The school or district will provide timely updates via the district mass notification system if the situation warrants it.

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Three Levels of Crisis Response

Outside Event

If there is cause or concern outside of the school building, this protocol will be implemented. All exterior doors will be locked, and all inside activities will continue as planned. No outside passes or activities will be allowed.​​​​​​

Inside Event

If movement needs to be restricted in the building, staff will lock classroom doors and restrict movement. No passes will be granted, and students will remain with teachers.


This is the highest level of emergency and is used only when an imminent threat is present. Staff will immediately move students to safety and will lock down.

During an actual lockdown, your child’s school is a secure area. School officials and law enforcement are working together to keep everyone safe, and no one is allowed to enter or exit the school. To ensure everyone’s safety we ask that parents please refrain from coming to school campuses during a lockdown. Once the all-clear is given, students and staff will be permitted to enter or exit the school again.

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