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Multilingual Service Model

Multilingual Service Model

Each school in ISD 622 provides ML services through a combination of service models. Students are provided service through the most appropriate service model based on a combination of factors, including school site programming, student population, grade level, language proficiency levels, and individual student needs. 

The service models used in ISD 622 schools include:

  • Co-taught content courses

  • Small group instruction - pull out from the classroom

  • Small group instruction - push into the classroom

  • Sheltered Instruction - content-based (English Language Development) 

  • English Language Development (ELD) - focused on newcomers, RAELs, and/or SLIFE (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking)

ML teachers work with building and district administration to create a service schedule that provides content-based language instruction using any combination of the service models above.


Co-Taught Classes Targeted Small Group Instruction - Push-in and Pull-Out English Language Development Course (ELD)

Sheltered Instruction

Instruction is provided in English by two professionals (a content or classroom teacher and an ML Teacher). Language is adapted to the student’s English proficiency levels and academic language instruction is embedded in content lessons. Co-taught classes consist of both ML and non-ML students Most ML students spend the majority of the school day in a mainstream classroom but receive additional ML instruction in a small group. These small groups may occur within the main classroom, or outside the classroom, depending on a number of factors. New-to-Country Students/RAELs and/or SLIFE students with limited language proficiency, WIDA levels 1 and 2. These students will receive instruction from licensed ML Teachers to focus on developing Social and Academic English through listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. This course will prepare students with the language skills to better access grade-level content.

Some  ML students receive additional instruction in English Language Development aligned with content areas such as Science, Social Studies, and Math. These sheltered courses include 

ML Foundations and ELD content-aligned courses.