EEA Purchase Order Form

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 EEA Purchase Order Form 
EEA Collaborative Members, please use the form below when making purchases for any Educational Equity Alliance program or event. Fill out the applicable information and submit when ready. ***Note: All purchase requests will be screened, reviewed and then approved for purchase. Submitting a purchase request does not guarantee items or services. Please allow 1-2 school days for orders to be processed.





EEA program materials and supplies (binders, pencils, snacks, paper, etc.) NOTE: Supplies should be ordered from Innovative Office Solutions at This is a “browse only” account, and your requests will be forwarded to EEA staff. Log-in: 622Browse Password: ISD622 Snacks should be ordered from Coborn's Delivers.
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Must include an invoice.







Bus for collaborative events, field trips, after school or summer programs. *Request your transportation needs on this form and the EEA will schedule a bus for you.
















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