• Our Partners

    622 Education Foundation
    The 622 Education Foundation provides funds beyond the normal school district budget for educational programs for students and staff of School District 622.
    Association of Metropolitan School Districts
    AMSD currently represents 26 K-12 metropolitan school districts, including North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale, and one intermediate school district and the 273,000 students in those districts, representing more than 32% of the state's students.
    Co-Action Academic Resources
    Co-Action, established by local business, community, and educational leaders helps students in our community with scholarships for post-secondary education.
    Minnesota Association of School Administrators
    The mission of the Minnesota Association of School Administrators, an organization of visionary leaders, is to be the world-class change agent for education through membership empowerment and state of the art training, with a commitment to quality and a focus on the individual and collective welfare of its members.
    Northeast Metro 916
    The mission of Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate School District, as a consortium of local school districts, is to prepare people to live meaningful, productive, and profitable lives by providing them an array of opportunities through strategically selected educational specialties not available in kind or quality elsewhere.
    Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative
    A collaborative connecting individuals, families, and community resources to create relationships while enhancing the well-being of our kids.
    Valley Crossing Community School
    Valley Crossing Community School, serving students in kindergarten through grade six, was founded in 1996 by a collaboration of community members and educators.