•   Students and Parents/Families 

    The first day of 3rd trimester is Monday, March 30th. Please make sure your contact information is updated on your Parent Portal as this is how important information is being sent out to Students/Parents/Families. 


    School Counselors

    Ms. Amy Cosgrove 
    Ms. Janice Yamamoto 
    Ms. Andrea Hager
    Ms. Molly Bye

    Counseling Staff

    Nancy Gustafson
    A-Z Secretary
    748-6032   ngustafson@isd622.org
    Stephanie Woodbury
    A-Z Registrar


    Click on your counselor's name (below) to make a virtual appointment with your counselor. We'll reply to your school email address at that time and from there can add video or audio options if you prefer. We can't wait to "see" you!



     Online Appointments coming later in August. 



    Since North made a sudden switch to a new Distance Learning Model, we wanted to welcome you to Distance Learning and let you know that the Guidance Counselors are still "here" to support you as a learner.  The counselors want to provide as much support as they can during this stressful and uncertain time. Our hope is that your counselor can be a point person to help answer and guide technology questions/concerns; to help navigate access to coursework on Schoology, to connect you to other resources or support that may be needed, etc.  We are available to connect through emails, phone calls, and/or video conferencing (through Google Hangouts/Zoom).  You can call your assigned counselor at the numbers listed above and they will return your call, you can email (preferred), or you can schedule an appointment online here.  We want you to be successful and feel supported during this time.  Even at a distance, We Are North High!


    Juniors:  Post Highschool Planning

    Starting to think about post-high planning? CLICK HERE to meet with your counselor for a one-on-one Junior Interview meeting.

    All Juniors should be developing their 11th/12th grade timeline in order to start planning for the rest of high school and beyond. These action steps may include attending a college fair, applying for a job, researching military options, or seeking out volunteer opportunities. We want your students to start thinking about their options and how to plan the steps needed to achieve their post-high goals.

    HERE is the powerpoint from our Junior class meetings held on 2/19/20 and 2/20/20. We look forward to working more closely with and assisting the Class of 2021 as they get ready for graduation next school year.






    It is your responsibility to request/order your Final Transcript on Parchment.  We CANNOT do this for you!  All colleges and universities will require proof of graduation, and your transcript WITH a diploma date is the only way that this can be indicated. 

    · North High School Website – Academics & Guidance – Transcript Requests – Order My Transcript (through the Parchment system)

    Those students that need to finish their required credits in summer school should NOT request a Final Transcript until all credits have been completed and your transcript has been updated.  In addition, if you do not finish earning your required credits before Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019, your diploma will no longer reflect a June 6th, 2019 graduation date.  After September 3rd, your diploma will reflect the actual date that you completed your required credits.   

    Please note: As of August 1st, 2019 you will be considered an Alumni.  As an Alumni the cost of your transcript increases from $5.00 to $10.00.  

    PLEASE NOTE: No transcripts will be sent if you don't request them through Parchment!



    How Can My Counselor Help Me?
    Students can make appointments to see their counselor for a number of reasons, including:
    • Personal/Social Concerns
    • College or Career Planning
    • Academics
    We are here to help you with any questions or problems you may have. Our doors are always open to students, families, staff, and community resources. We welcome your visits!
    How Can I Get Help With Academics?

    Students are encouraged to talk with their teachers and counselors if they are struggling.


    Students looking for volunteer opportunities:  Check out Volunteermatch.org. This website will help you find opportunities by area or activity.

    Selective Service Online Registration - Use this link to register for the Selective Service online. All U.S. males must register within 30 days of their 18th birthday. You will be ineligible for all forms of federal financial aid if you do not. It's the law.

    Guest Policy
    Because the presence of student visitors may disrupt the daily classroom procedures and reduce learning time, it is our policy not to allow visitors during the regular school day.