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    We offers driver's education for teens at North and Tartan High School in partnership with Safeway Driving School. Safeway Driving School has been graduating teen drivers in the Twin Cities area for over 45 years, with a focus is creating safe, responsible drivers. Classroom and behind-the-wheel lessons emphasize defensive driving techniques tailored to the inexperienced teen driver and the invincible teen attitude. All of Safeway’s instructors are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

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    Cost of the teen package is $380.00 and includes the classroom and behind-the-wheel lessons, and all materials. Pay in full upon registration or choose the payment plan: $230.00 payable to Community Education upon registration and $150 (two payments of $75 each) payable to Safeway at the behind-the-wheel lessons. 
    Classroom instruction prepares students to take the Minnesota permit test and begin the responsibility of driving. The 30 hours of classroom time is structured into 10 independent lessons. Students must be on time for all classes. If a student misses a class, they may complete the missed lesson during the next series or at one of Safeway’s other locations. After completing classroom instruction, students that are 15 years old are eligible to take their permit test at any Minnesota exam center. The permit test is not provided during the class. Students may take the class at age 14½ but cannot take their permit test until age 15. No transportation is available for the classroom instruction. 
    Behind-the-wheel instruction includes six hours of driving in three, two-hour private lessons. All driving is done in a real car on city streets, highways and freeways with a responsible, licensed Safeway instructor. Safeway recommends students take their first lesson two to three weeks after receiving their permit. The lessons should be a minimum of 30 days apart to allow for practice driving. The lessons can be completed up to one year after completing classroom instruction. Scheduling is offered online for your convenience. All of Safeway’s cars are white with identical graphics, so parents and students will know that it is a Safeway car picking up the student for a lesson. Students can be picked up for their behind-the-wheel lesson from home, school or work.
    Parent involvement is required to create safe, responsible teen drivers. It is critical that parents plan to practice regularly with their new student drivers. The state requires that students have a minimum of 50 hours of practice (15 hours at night). The practice time must be recorded on a state-approved Supervised Driving log and presented at the road test.
    Parent Classes are offered once per quarter at either North or Tartan High School. This class is not required but qualifies the parent to receive a certificate that allows their student reduced practice time (from 50 to 40 hours). There is no fee for parent classes, but registration is required. At a minimum, Safeway strongly encourages parents to review its parent information and watch the online parent class videos at www.safewaydrivingschool.com