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    ARON HELM NHS Girls Golf Coach


    Aron Helm spent most of his youth playing golf recreationally as a summer activity to be outside with friends.  Most of the organized sports he participated in included football, basketball and baseball with the later being the sport Aron would play collegiately at Hamline University.  While in college Aron was a four year letter winner in baseball, but it was also during this time that golf became more prominent in his life.  Being a pitcher in baseball meant more opportunities to engage in golf while the team was on road trips or had days off.  During his junior and senior year of college Aron participated on the Hamline club golf team where he learned the competitive side of golf.  Once graduated, golf became a staple in his life where he would eventually find a golf instructor to partner with which has increased Aron’s knowledge of the game many times over.  Today Aron plays as a competitive amateur golfer on the MGA circuit playing in numerous events throughout the summer.


    Professionally, Aron has been a teacher at North High School for over 13 years teaching Social Studies in the content areas of World History as well as many other electives offered by the Social Studies department.  While teaching at North Aron has been involved with numerous clubs and sports such as being North High’s Varsity Assistant Baseball coach, Relay for Life staff faculty advisor and most recently as a North High technology coach and now the Girls Varsity Golf Head Coach.


    As Head Coach of North High’s girls golf team Aron looks to bring his passion and love for golf to all willing participants.  Aron is looking forward to the challenge of growing the game in a way that will help produce life long learners in golf as well as life.  As a primary goal he hopes that this game will stay with these athletes well beyond high school.  As golf coach Aron will try to create an environment of fun, generosity among their peers, and integrity around the game of golf that results in a team that enjoys being out on the course while also learning how to have success in a competitive format.  



    The Girl's golf schedule can be found on the Metro East Conference website.