Blia Yang 




    Welcome to Kindergarten!
    We will do a lot of learning, play fun games, sing tons of songs and make new friends!  

    A Little About Me:
    My name is Blia Yang. This is my third year of teaching kindergarten. This year marks my 10th year in teaching. I have taught first grade and middle school. I earned my Masters of Education from the University of Minnesota. 

    I have two daughters and a son. Both my daughters love to play Legos, Shopkins and read. My son likes to eat, sleep, and listen to me talk. My family likes to visit grandma and grandpa in Brooklyn Park. We like to be with family.

    My Favorites
    Food: Chicken Alfredo
    TV show: Flash
    Book: "Stuck" by Oliver Jeffers
    Drink: Peach black tea with raspberry sparkling water, Caramel Cooler
    Season: Fall
    Color: Red
    Candy: Almond Joy, Peanut M&Ms, Sea Salt Caramel Dark Chocolate
    Flower: Orchid, hibiscus 
    Other: lipsticks, cartwheels, monkey bars

    I am very excited about our year together in kindergarten!