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    Mr. Duong
    Department / Grade: Math
    Hi!  My name is Mr. Duong.  I teach 8th-grade math.

    "Give a man a fish; he'll feed himself for a day.  Teach a man how to fish; he'll feed himself for a lifetime."   

      I believe in working with parents to prepare our young adults to be successful and independent individuals.

    The secrets to being successful in my math class and/or improve your math grade!
    1) Come and get help in the morning to get extra help

    - don't wait until the day of the test to ask for help - stay after the day you get lost.

    - I am available before school and after school upon request. 

    2) Complete practice assignments every night it is assigned

    - complete assignment

    - check answers during class.  

    - ask questions right away after checking for answers.

    3) Make quiz corrections

    - correct/complete any/all questions on quizzes (you'll get all the points back and learn from your mistakes!)

    - if you need more room use a separate sheet of paper and staple to quiz

    - turn in before chapter test is taken

    4) Retake tests

    - tests are retaken by Learning Target - students can retake 1, 2, ....all learning targets

    - retake tests are due at the end of the trimester (students who wait longer than two weeks tend not to improve their score)

    - retake test score replaces the old score only if it is better

    **Test Retake Procedures***
    1) Make test corrections (completed on the test or a separate sheet of paper)

    2) Complete retake test before or after school

    **MUST have the original test (corrected) and review assignment (completed) before retaking the test.
    “Law of Cumulation”
    Everything is practice,
    Practice accumulates,
    You become what you practice,
    Therefore: Be deliberate about what you choose to practice. 

    Parent Resources

    • Schoology online learning management system

      - allows students to digitally submit homework assignments, review grades, participate in interactive discussions, receive announcements and feedback, take tests, and more. As a parent, you will be able to view your child’s activity within the platform.
    • Campus Parent (formerly Parent Portal)

      - provides parents and students access to announcements, assignments, attendance, bus routes, fees, grades, report cards, schedules, and more. Make sure your contact information is current so you can receive texts and emails from District 622. You can update your contact information in Campus Parent.