AMERICA AT WAR-            
    Principles of War, Strategies, and Tactics
    Research and types of psychology
    I'm available every morning before school, prearranged times after school or you may email me or give me call.  

    James M. Honsa

    North High School
    Social Studies Teacher
    Assistant Football Coach- 
       Concordia University 

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    NO SCHOOL  AW- Principles of War/Justifications AW- Strategies vs. Tactics AW- Influence of Nap./ Readings on Civil War   AW- Review- Technology
    LABOR DAY PSY-What is Psychology/ Dessert Personality test PSY- Exp. Method candy PSY- Variables and other methods, bag activity PSY- Case Study: The parking lot debate, Brain Games 
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    AW- Review, Technology AW- Review- Capture the flag preparation   AW- Capture the flag  AW-  Assessment of Capture the Flag/Antietam  AW- Antietam  
    PSY- Ethical Research PSY-Two famous Studies Milgrim and Zimbardo PSY-Theories of Psychology PSY-Analyzing Billy  PSY- UNIT 1 TEST
             Brain Activity
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    AW- Gettysburg  AW- Gettysburg  AW- Review/Syria/Osama AW- Review  AW- UNIT 1 Test 
    PSY-Two parts of the Brain PSY-Parts and Functions of the Brain PSY-Damage to the Brain PSY-Brain communication PSY-Teenage brain, Brain Games
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    AW- Spanish American War AW- Spanish American War AW- WWI AW- WWI  AW- WWI
    PSY-Mind on drugs  PSY-Review/What do you know? PSY-Sensations and learning PSY-Experiments Smell, Taste, Touch, Brain Games PSY-Senses 60 Minutes