• Student Services
    2520 East 12th Avenue
    North St. Paul, MN 55109
    Phone:  651-748-7450
    Fax:  651-748-7449
    Director Tricia St. Michaels (Hughes), 651-748-7452
    Administrative Support
    Executive Secretary Shannon Horstman, 651-748-7456
    Student Services Clerk Lynn Johnson, 651-748-7460
    Special Education Services
    Special Education Supervisor - Carver, Castle, Cowern, Eagle Point, Richardson, Weaver and Webster Elementary Schools; and Non-Public Duane Woeste, 651-748-7467
    Special Education Supervisor - Oakdale and Skyview Elementary Schools and John Glenn, Maplewood and Skyview Middle Schools Jill Kenton, 651-748-7458
    Special Education Supervisor - North and Tartan High School and Targeted Services Julie Koehler, 651-748-7454
    Accountant/Fiscal Internal Auditor Jodi Schmidt, 651-748-7670
    Program Specialist Kelli Rayl, 651-748-7455
    Third Party Billing Facilitator Heather Murphy, 651-748-7462
    Alternative to Suspension
    Alternative to Suspension Teacher Tim Corcoran, 651-748-7574
    Alternative to Suspension Teacher Katrina Geske, 651-748-7575
    Behavior Coach
    Behavior Coach Nick Hooper, 651-748-7573
    Behavior Coach Katie Lewandowski, 651-748-7573
    Developmental Adapted Physical Education Teachers
    DAPE Lead Brady Grewe, 651-748-6356
    Early Childhood Education
    Early Learning Supervisor Dana Strop, 651-702-8465
    Program Clerk Lois Swanberg, 651-702-8401
    EL, Interpreters, Bilingual-Cultural Liaisons
    EL Program Coordinator Nikki Clymer, 651-748-7457 
    Harmony Learning Center K-12
    Program Supervisor Sue Bartling, 651-748-6210
    Program Clerk Erin Henderson, 651-748-6201
    Health Services
    Health Services Supervisor Alecia Gustafson, 651-748-7466
    Non-Public Referrals Sarah Berman-Young, 651-748-1908
    Homeless/McKinney Vento
    Program Specialist/Homeless Liaison Anne Walters-Cooke, 651-748-7527
    Next Step Transition Program
    Program Supervisor Heather Kosec, 651-621-1910
    Program Clerk Adrianne Grosek, 651-621-1901
    Occupational Therapists
    Motor Team Lead Melissa Floysand, 651-702-8390 
    Psychologist Lead Linda Kallevang, 651-748-6765
    School Social Workers
    Social Worker Lead/Interagency Liaison Jennie Kula, 651-702-8506
    Speech - Language Pathologists
    Speech Lead Jason Arndt, 651-702-8647