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    Due Process Manual - updated 2014
    Chapter 9 - Transportation


    Curriculum Resources

    Perspective This site is sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Education. Here teachers can link your students' test results with targeted teaching strategies and learning resources. Teachers can explore a wide range of online learning activities designed to enrich and improve your students' education and further their own professional development.


    1. Reading Rockets - Offers strategies, lessons, and activities designed to help young children learn to read.
    2. Read Naturally - Offers instructions, research and resources to improve reading fluency.
    3. Earobics - Provides an overview of the Earobics program along with research and strategies for implementing Earobics into the classroom.
    4. Starfall - Reading instruction, including phonics.
    5. Sadlier-Oxford - Reading instruction, including phonics.
    6. Teach-nology - Bingo card maker.
    7. Cando's Helper Page - Site for children, parents and teachers looking for content and practice activities in the primary reading area.
    8. Mrs. Perkins - Good for informal assessments/checklists for young children.

    1. Everyday Spelling - Great writing prompt ideas.
    2. HotChalk Lesson Plans Page - over 4,000 free lesson plans.
    3. Santee School District -
    4. Growing Hands-on Kids - Great resource for handwriting.
    6. Sites for Teachers - more lesson plans for language arts

    Sight Words
    1. Fry's Instant Word List - contains 1,000 words which students need the most to develop a powerful sight vocabulary.
    2. Fry's High Frequency Words - high frequency checklists and practice.

    1. Math Fact Cafe - provides the best math worksheets for elementary grades. The site requires no login and is free. Create and access worksheets for math facts, flashcards, time...
    2. Wild on Math - Students can practice math facts electronically.
    3. Math Magician Games - Has math games for training addition, multiplication, division and subtraction at different levels.
    4. AAA Math - features a comprehensive set of interactive arithmetic lessons.  Unlimited practice is available on each topic which allows thorough mastery of concepts.
    5. Math Playground - THIS ONE HAS GREAT MATH GAMES - Action packed math site for elementary and middle school students featuring math games.
    6. Math Fun Facts - ANOTHER GREAT ONE - Mathematics ideas, puzzles, and fun facts that will change the way you think about math.

    Graphic Organizers
    1. Eduscapes/Teacher Tap - For reading comprehension and writing.