• Student-Led Conferences

    We are pleased to announce that you will have the opportunity to participate in "student-led conferencing” in January.  Instead of participating in a traditional five-minute conference session with each of your child's teachers like we did last fall, you will meet with your child in a teacher-supervised environment for a period lasting up to one hour.  This process can give your child the tools necessary to attain expertise concerning his or her educational performance.  All of your child's teachers, as well as counselors, will be available to help clarify information you receive during your child's conference and to answer your questions.

    This conference schedule has worked well at Skyview Middle School the last eight years as it has at other schools in the metropolitan area and across the nation.  The parent evaluations of these conferences have been overwhelmingly positive.  In this conference format, both parent and student participation will be necessary to assure that all students are able to present their progress and goals for the year.  This conference experience will help guide our staff and student body, guaranteeing that each student clearly understands his or her progress and effectively completes a plan for future academic success.  We are hoping for one hundred percent parent participation, and ask that you make a special effort to attend your child's conference. 



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    What are student-led conferences?

    Student-led conferences are exactly that. . . conferences led by the student.  They are up to 60 minutes long and structured so that you will learn how your child is doing in each class. You will also have an opportunity to meet with each of your child’s teachers.  

    My child tells me that I don’t need to come, or that nobody goes to conferences anymore.


    Is this true? - NO!                    

    Last year 90% of our parents attended.  We are hoping for 100% turn out from parents.


    So how can I make this go well?

    First, come to the conference.  Your presence sends a strong message that your child’s education is important to you.  Second, spend some time getting familiar with what your child is doing in classes on a daily basis.  Third, be sure your child brings their academic binder to the conference. 


    Great!  I can see that this is a good way for my child to take ownership for their learning and review goals for the year.  However, I want to talk to a certain teacher about a class in which they are struggling. What can I do?

    Teachers will be available during conferences to meet with you and discuss your child’s progress.