• Weaver Beaver Weaver Elementary School-Wide Title I Program
    We have selected two major initiatives in which to engage, as we work to close the reading achievement gap that exists at Weaver.  First, we are continuing to implement the Balanced Literacy Framework school wide.  The Balanced Literacy Framework consists of Reading Workshop, Writing Workshop, and Word Study.  During a specified time for intervention and differentiation of services to meet student needs, we use a data-driven approach to grouping our students for optimal services in reading instruction.  Weaver’s second initiative to close the existing reading achievement gap is expansion of Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol training and application in daily teaching.  Trained ESL staff support classroom teachers in Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol.  We continue to use the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol initiative as teachers expand their inclusion of language objectives in literacy content lessons.   Additionally, teachers focus on building background knowledge among students, developing interactive student structures,and using supplemental materials (SMART boards, graphs, models, visuals, etc.).
    Parent Involvement is a consistent focus in all facets of the implementation of Weaver’s School Wide Title I Plan.  Parents are invited and encouraged to participate in classrooms, in evening family events, in school conferences, in special daytime activities at Weaver, and in our Association of Parent and Teachers organization.  Weaver will work with district Hmong and Spanish speaking staff members to assist with communication with families to encourage attendance and participation.  Input and feedback from parents will be sought yearly, through a survey, and informally in an ongoing manner.  We will provide translation and interpretive services to parents who have the need for them for any school-related matters and events.
    Please contact us with any questions about the Title I program at Weaver Elementary by calling 651-748-7000.
    The document below provides further information about the Weaver Elementary School-Wide Title I Plan.
    The document below provides more details on the Weaver Parent Involvement Policy of the School-Wide Title I Plan.
    The document below is the Weaver Success Plan.  This document is provided at conferences and family nights.