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    Beginning March 9, 2015, students at Tartan High School will benefit from a technology initiative that brings student-owned learning devices into the classroom.  

    The North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale School District is committed to providing students and staff with the instructional technology needed to become 21st Century learners.

    As part of this commitment, Tartan is launching the first “Connected Classrooms” initiative, which puts technology into students’ hands and creates a learning environment that goes beyond the classroom walls.

    Connected Classrooms allows students to take responsibility and ownership of their own learning by: raising awareness, starting conversations, creating partnerships, changing minds, making a difference, and driving change. It is connecting today’s learners with the skills and tools they will need for success in tomorrow’s world.  

    To make this possible, Tartan will be strengthening its family-school partnerships in the hopes that all students will be equipped with their own learning devices.

    In fact, Tartan would like all students to have their own personal learning device (Click here to view a list of acceptable learning devices) by March 9, 2015. For questions about this request, contact Principal Adam Ehrmantraut at aehrmantraut@isd622.org or 651-702-8610.