• Ms Pederson
    Dana Pederson
    Weaver Elementary Physical Education Teacher
    Phone: 651-748-7020
    Welcome to the Weaver Physical Education page!  My name is Ms. Pederson, and I am the PE teacher for all Weaver students in grades K-5.  I have been teaching in District 622 for 17 years, and I love being the person that gives kids the opportunity to MOVE!  Students have P.E. two days out of each 6 day rotation, for 50 minutes each class. 
    During distance and hybrid learning, students will still be doing PE two days out of every six. The assigned day for PE is Day 3 and Day 6, but as we discuss often, students should be getting 60 minutes of activity every day!  Student PE lessons will be on Seesaw, and while each grade level will be in the same unit, their standards are slightly different. I have the MN Department of Education Elementary PE Standards linked on my Virtual Gym, and on one of the tabs on the left side of this website. The ISD 622 Elementary PE teachers realize that the equipment each student has at home, and the space they have to do activities can vary greatly, which is part of the reason you will see multiple ways students can practice to meet the standards. The main thing to remember is to make sure they are MOVING, and practicing skills.  It benefits not only their physical health, but their emotional and social health as well. Also, it helps them to focus better! So, if you have a student that struggles with a specific academic area, have them do PE just before that. It helps them to make connections in a much more efficient way, and will improve their mood and mindset as they learn something new! As always, you can visit this page any time you need extra activity opportunities! It is a work in progress - I will keep adding more cool things as I find them! 
    Please contact me if you have any questions!

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