Tartan High School

SchoolDistrict 622

Welcome to the BYOT/Chrome Book Certification training module. Since you are here, you are on your way to being certified to get on the ISD622 internet. You will find videos and tests to make sure that you know how to use the internet responsibly.  This course should take no more than 20 minutes in total. 

You need to have a perfect score on the test in order to be approved to get a sticker for your device or a Chrome Book.

The sticker you recieve must be visible on your device at all times during it's use at Tartan.

Connected classrooms Intro Video

BYOT / Internet form (DO NOT PRINT OUT)
This document is for reference Only.  Everyone should already have a signed copy on file with our Media Center.
This video will cover the following concepts:
• Basic rules regarding technology
• Expectations
• Common language around technology
This document is for reference Only.