• Ms. Callahan

    Karen Callahan

    Special Education


    Phone: 651-702-8306

    My name is Karen Callahan. I am one of two special education teachers in the resource program at Eagle Point School.  Students who qualify for special education services in the resource program, based on the Minnesota state special education criteria,  spend the majority of their day in a general education classroom.  I am part of a team of teachers and paraprofessionals who provide direct instruction, support, and accommodations in the areas of these students need.  
    I have been a special education teacher in district #622 for  26 years.  I have taught at Richardson Elementary School, Webster Elementary School and have been teaching in the resource room at Eagle Point School for 20 years.  Prior to district #622,  I have taught first and second grades in Minneapolis and Iowa.  
    Please contact me if you have any questions about the special education services at Eagle Point!