• Facilities and Plant Planning

    Welcome to Facilities and Plant Planning! 

    Facilities and Plant Planning professionals help all students learn by providing custodial and maintenance services that create safe, clean, and comfortable learning environments in 23 facilities throughout the school district.

    There are many subcategories in this multifaceted department. Each is as important as the other in helping to make our district look good and run efficiently. 

    • Engineers / Custodians
    • Maintenance Staff + On-Staff Plumber
    • Grounds
    • Warehouse
    • Construction / Long Term Facility Maintenance (LTFM) 

    All rooms in the 622 School District have fire exits and severe weather shelter maps posted. These also include where to find the AED units in each building. 

    If you wish to reserve a facility/rent space, go to Facility Use or Community Education Facility Use Staff at 651-748-7439.