• During our e-learning (March 30th until at least May 5th) students will access Google Classroom for their weekly resources to complete their science work. For directions on accessing student Gmail accounts and Google Classroom, watch the attached video. 

    Mrs. Thomas can guarantee fairly immediate responses to email or comments on Google Classroom during her "Office Hours" from 9 am - 12 pm for any questions or concerns. Outside of this time frame, she will respond to messages as soon as she can in a reasonable amount of time. However, she will not be responding to messages from 9 pm - 7:30 am.

    Remember, this is new for all students and all teachers, alike. We will get through this learning experience together!

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    Jennifer Thomas
    6th Grade Science
    Hello, I'm Mrs. Thomas! This is my fifth year teaching at John Glenn Middle School. I received my Bachelors of Science and my Masters of Education for Elementary Education from the University of Minnesota. Over the last year I also achieved my Middle Grade 5-8 Science license through Hamline University. I have had the privilege of teaching my two favorite subjects: science and math.  My husband and I are both big science and math "nerds." We even named our dogs after scientific events in astronomy, Nova--after a supernova and Eclipse--after a lunar eclipse.  Our daughter Natalie even has a collection of "Science for Babies" books that we read to her often and an outer space themed bedroom. This year I have 5 sections 6th grade Physics.  I am passionate about having engaging, hands-on learning experiences. My priorities in developing my students' characters is that they always put forth their best effort, work as a team, and ask questions.