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    Jennifer Thomas
    6th Grade Science
    Hello, I'm Mrs. Thomas! This is my sixth year teaching at John Glenn Middle School. I received my Bachelors of Science and my Masters of Education for Elementary Education from the University of Minnesota. Over the last year I also achieved my Middle Grade 5-8 Science license through Hamline University. I have had the privilege of teaching my two favorite subjects: science and math.  My husband and I are both big science and math "nerds." We even named our dogs after scientific events in astronomy, Nova--after a supernova and Eclipse--after a lunar eclipse.  Our daughters Natalie and Lydia even have a collection of "Science for Babies" books that we read to her often and an outer space themed bedroom. This year I have 5 sections 6th grade Physics.  I am passionate about having engaging, hands-on learning experiences. My priorities in developing my students' characters is that they always put forth their best effort, work as a team, and ask questions.