• There are a lot of different ways for students to be active in the Skyview Middle School community after school.  Below is a table of those activities going and the staff advisors for those activities:

    Activity Advisor Email of Advisor Start Date Meeting Days
    Athletics (various) Mike Yang myang4@isd622.org Fall Season - Nov 7 Various (M-F) depending on sport and season
    Cooking for a Cause Katie Gropp & Jen Stoll kgropp@isd622.org; jstoll@isd622.org Oct. 17 Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays
    Creativity Festival Kathryn Marget kmarget@isd622.org   One Day Field Trip on November 29
    Future City Kathryn Marget kmarget@isd622.org October Mondays, Tuesdays, some Fridays & Saturdays
    History Buffs (TOPS) Dayle Langlois dlanglois@isd622.org Nov 21  
    Knowledge Bowl Kathryn Marget, Lauren VanOverbeke kmarget@isd622.org, lvanoverbeke@isd622.org Nov 10 Thursdays
    Math Team        
    Minecraft (TOPS) Drew Thompson athompson@isd622.org    
    Musical Ryan DeLaCroix rdelacroix@isd622.org Auditions Nov. 15 & 16 M-F till March
    Readers Theater (TOPS) Susie Kelnberger skelnberger@isd622.org Nov 15 Tuesdays
    Show Choir Hannah Braasch hbraasch@isd622.org Oct Thursdays (except during the musical)
    Student Council Katie Gropp kgropp@isd622.org Sept Listen for announcements (most Tuesday mornings at 7:00)
    Yearbook Eric Berg eberg@isd622.org Oct Thursdays, and some mondays
    Project Citizen Kathryn Marget kmarget@isd622.org February Mondays and Tuesdays
    Overcomers (TOPS) Emily Defenbaugh/ Kayla Felten edefenbaugh@isd622.org Nov 21 Mondays
    Math Help Kari Ann Spaeth kspaeth@isd622.org All year Monday, Tuesday, Thursday