• Pre-K

    A Solid Foundation for Success!  

    Learning is a social process involving play, exploration, and interaction. All children are welcomed and celebrated for who they are. Each child has unique strengths that are built upon daily. Children thrive in a safe and nurturing environment through respect and consistent rituals and routines. Your child will learn skills needed for kindergarten such as sharing, listening, and cooperation, and develop the confidence to succeed in school. Through hands-on experiences your child will develop academic skills in literacy, math, science and understanding the world around us.

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  • Age 3 on or before Sept 1, 2023

    Age 4 on or before Sept 1, 2023

  • Mission

    Our early learning program is an inclusive community that serves our youngest learners and their families, supporting growth and development that will foster lifelong success. 



    We will provide an engaging, culturally responsive, high quality learning environment so that children and their families will exhibit resilience, creativity and problem solving skills to succeed as confident learners.