• The Netherlands, 2018
    Lindsay Luczkowiak
    Phone: 651-748-6666
     Hello!  My name is Lindsay Luczkowiak (pronounced: La-sko-vee-ak) and I am an English Language teacher. This is my first year in 622 and I'm so excited to be here at Maplewood MS! I have been working in schools for many years, including teaching English in Poland for 4 years.
    I love working with students to develop their academic language use, as well as to journey with them through their learning. In all of my classes we will be doing A LOT of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
    In my free time I love to cook, read, spend time with family and friends, hike, be outdoors, bike, and travel.
    I feel so grateful to be a part of the Maplewood community. Please feel free to contact me via email or telephone if you have any questions.