• The Next Step Transition Program

    Our Mission 
    The Next Step Transition Program prepares young adults with disabilities for the demands of competitive integrated employment, independent community-based living, and post-secondary training opportunities through person-centered and individualized programming. 
    Our Vision 
    The Next Step Transition Program's vision is that one day, all people with disabilities will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful employment, to live more independently, and participate fully in community life.  


    All students at Next Step Transition are 18+ years old. Next Step is intentionally designed to serve students who are post-high school.  Since the student is 18, he/she retains all rights and responsibilities of an adult unless they have a court-appointed guardian or conservator. The student (or court appointed guardian) is responsible for signing all documents and records.

    In addition, the student is also responsible for releasing information to parents and others on their team. School staff may not release information to parents or others, or invite parents or others to meetings without the notification/permission of the student. 


    Next Step follows the District 622 school calendar. However, if the student is employed, the employer determines the work schedule. (The student is responsible for his/her own transportation on non-school days.)
    Program hours are 8:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. 


    Transportation is provided to and from the student's home high school by way of a shuttle bus from the high schools to The Next Step. Special transportation is provided for students who have physical or other special needs. Students are encouraged to use the MTC, the NEST bus, Metro Mobility or to drive whenever possible and appropriate.


    Students graduate from Next Step by successfully completing their individual education plan (IEP) goals and objectives. A graduation plan is developed by the IEP team and the student.

    The IEP is developed by a team, which may include the student, teacher, parents, work coordinator, administrator, and at the student’s request, adult service providers such as DRS counselors, county social workers, mental health professionals, and other individuals involved in their life.

    The diploma is issued by the student’s home high school the year the student leaves Next Step, not the year the student leaves the high school. 
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