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    Patti Life
    STEM Teacher

    Welcome to another great school year! 
    I've been a teacher at Carver for the past 15 years.  This is my first year teaching STEM and I am so excited! 
    My Education:
    I graduated from the University of St. Catherine and began my teaching career as a middle school science teacher in East St. Paul.  From there I came to District 622 working one year as a Kindergarten teacher and 13 years as a fifth-grade teacher.  Last year was my first time teaching 4th grade.  I also went to Hamline University for a Masters Degree.
    More about me:
    My husband, Craig, and I have three sons, Jono, Ricky, and Will.  I enjoy spending time with all my guys.  We are very busy attending sports events, traveling, and taking care of all our pets.