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    District 622 provides special education and related services to students with disabilities. These services are designed to meet each student's unique special education needs and the goals set by the student's Individual Education Program (IEP) team. Services are provided in the least restrictive environment appropriate for the student. 

    The Special Education Process
    The special education process includes identifying, evaluating, and appropriately placing students who are eligible for services. Once services are provided, progress reports and annual IEP planning meetings offer opportunities to review a student's progress, update the IEP, and further talk about placement. 

    Identifying a Need for Services 
    Teachers, parents, or the student himself/herself may request that a special education evaluation be considered. The request can be made by contacting the school's principal or guidance counselor. Parents and/or the student participate with school staff in what is called the referral review process. 

    The Evaluation 
    Parent permission is needed for the initial evaluation, which examines areas related to the student's suspected disability. Evaluation results are reviewed by a team of school personnel, the parents, and/or the student. Educators on the team usually include a school psychologist, a general education teacher, a special education teacher, an administrator, and sometimes others. The entire team determines whether the student is eligible for and needs special education. 

    Planning for Services and Placement 
    When special education services are needed, the school team, including parents and/or the student, develops an Individual Education Program (IEP) plan.

    The IEP includes:
    • Program goals and objectives for the student.
    • Types of specialized services that may be needed.
    • The amount of time the student will spend in general education activities.
    • The place where services will occur.
    Some of the placement options – or combination of options – a team may consider include the regular or mainstream classroom, a school's resource learning center, a self-contained special education classroom, or off-site. The "least restrictive environment" principle guides the placement decision.
    If there is a disagreement about the IEP or special education services, school staff, parents, and the student, when appropriate, work to reach an agreement through mediation, conciliation, or a due process hearing. 

    Tracking Progress 
    At progress reporting times and during annual IEP review meetings, the student's progress is reviewed, the IEP is updated, and the student's placement is discussed. Parents are encouraged to review program goals and suggest changes. Parents, students who are their own legal guardian, or school personnel may request an IEP and placement review at any time.

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    Special Education
    2520 E. 12th Avenue
    North St. Paul, MN 55109

    Tricia St. Michaels
    Director of Student Services

    Special Education Supervisors

    Julie Koehlir
    Supervisor of North, Tartan and Targeted Services

    Duane Woeste
    Supervisor of Carver, Castle, Cowern, Eagle Point, Richardson, Weaver, Webster and Non-Public

    Jill Kenton 
    Supervisor of Oakdale, Skyview, John Glenn, and Maplewood

    Administrative Support

    Shannon Horstman
    Executive Secretary 

    Lynn Johnson
    Student Services Clerk
    Kelli Rayl
    Project Specialist 

    Jodi Schmidt
    Accountant/Fiscal Internal Auditor  

    Heather Murphy
    Third Party Billing Facilitator