• Carver Kids are involved in many great activities throughout the year.  Check out the links to the left to see photos and learn about some of these fun activities!
    If your child is involved in any activities, whether at Carver or in the District, feel free to let us know and we will include them on this page!
    Elementary Enrichment
    District 622 offers year-round enrichment activities for young people in elementary and middle school. Call 651-748-7445 or visit the youth enrichment programs websiteto get more information.
    Adventure Connection
    Adventure Connection provides year-round quality childcare addressing physical, mental, social and emotional growth for children in grades K-5. Contact 651-748-7431 or visit the Carver Adventure Connection website for more information.
    City of Maplewood
    The City of Maplewood also hosts activities after school in the Carver School Community gymnasium. For more information call 651-249-2135.