• 622 Online Middle School Handbook

    **See School Board Policy 503 for details regarding Excused, Unexcused absences and consequences associated with each type of absence**

    Student’s Responsibility:

    It is the student’s right to be in school. It is also the student’s responsibility to attend all assigned classes and study halls every day that school is in session and to be aware of and follow the correct procedures when absent from an assigned class or study hall. Finally, it is the student’s responsibility to request any missed assignments due to an absence.

    622 Online Student Engagement & Participation Expectations:

    • 622 Online students are expected to engage in all scheduled asynchronous and synchronous learning opportunities each school day.
    • 622 Online students are expected to complete the assigned lessons and activities outlined on the student calendar each school day.
    • 622 Online students should actively participate in scheduled synchronous learning sessions with the teacher and other students present.
    • 622 Online students should communicate with the teacher when they have questions or need clarification on assigned asynchronous lessons and activities.
    • 622 Online students should engage in optional synchronous learning opportunities throughout the week when scheduled by the teacher.
    • By completing the aforementioned expectations, 622 Online students can expect to earn full attendance for the week.

     Absence & Daily Attendance Guidelines:

    • Students who do not attend a scheduled synchronous learning opportunity will be marked absent. This absence will be unexcused unless the parent and/or guardian has informed the school of the student’s absence.
    • Accrued unexcused absences will result in additional disciplinary action, per School Board Policy 503.
    • Asynchronous Lessons & Activities that are not completed on the assigned day will become overdue and should be prioritized the following day in addition to the daily assigned school work to ensure students stay on track with the course requirements.

     622 Online Grading & Course Completion Guidelines:

    • 622 Online courses will follow the district grading policies and procedures, utilizing the A, A, B, C, D, F grading scale.
    • Grading will be based on two categories: formative and summative assessments.
    • 622 Online course calendars follow the district trimester calendar. All course expectations, including lessons & activities, projects, and assessments must be completed within the designated trimester timeline.
    • Enrichment, Revision & Late Work guidelines:
      • Absences, tardies, and behavior do NOT impact academic grades.
      • No extra credit will be offered. Revision or enrichment tied to previous learning is NOT considered extra credit.
      • Students will be given multiple opportunities to master learning targets and will not be penalized for needing additional time and opportunities.
      • There is NO penalty for late work. Assignments & Assessments that are not completed by the trimester end date will be marked incomplete. Students will be allotted 10 days beyond the trimester due date to complete incomplete work.  After the 10 days have passed, incompletes will become zeros in the grade book.