• Who We Are

    In 2008 the Minnesota Department of Education identified the North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale School District 622 as a racially-isolated school district, which means District 622 has 20 percent more students of color than surrounding school districts.

    Being identified as a racially-isolated school district provided District 622 the opportunity to create a new integration collaborative, one that would focus on creating a culturally competent environment and closing the achievement gap through innovative programs that use data-driven results.

    Through a partnership with the Mahtomedi School District 832, the two districts formed the Educational Equity Alliance (EEA), a new integration collaborative that became official in July 2009.

    The Community Collaborative Council (CCC) worked to define a mission, created a four-year plan and developed collaborative goals that will guide the work of the EEA as it moves forward.

    In 2016, the CCC was transformed into the EEA Advisory Council. Membership was expanded and the focus of the council shifted from approving programming to advising.