• Finance Department

    Welcome to the Finance Department in District 622!

    There are three main components of this department - payroll, accounts payable, and finance. 


    There are two (2) payroll clerks responsible for the processing of paychecks for over 1,700 employees. Employees are paid twice per month. They are also responsible for filing state and federal reporting of income taxes withheld, social security taxes; pension contributions, and tax-sheltered annuities 403(b).

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    Diane Bowens 
    Phone: 651-748-7572
    Fax: 651-748-7569

    Accounts Payable

    The accounts payable clerk is responsible for all payments other than employee wages and benefits. Examples include contracted services, supplies, construction payments, and utilities. The district averages more than 2,000 checks per month. Payments are made twice monthly. Contact the following for a schedule or questions:

    Ann Melcoch 
    Phone: 651-748-7568
    Fax: 651-748-7564 


    There is one (1) accounting supervisor and one (1) fiscal services accountant. They supervise the receivable and payable functions, ensure that accounting for transactions is in compliance with State and Federal law and prepare district financial statements in conjunction with the annual audit of the district. Preparation of the annual budget and certification of the property tax levy is also the responsibility of this department

    Janet Doman, Finance Supervisor
    Phone: 651-748-7576
    Fax: 651-748-7564

    Travis Byrne, Accounting Supervisor
    Phone: 651-748-7596
    Fax: 651-748-7564

    • Benefits billing
    • Trust accounts
    • General district accounting

    Chee Vang, District Accountant
    Phone: 651-748-7597


    Responsible for obtaining bids and quotations for goods and services to ensure quality and lowest cost. Consolidates orders and works with vendors to ensure consistency, obtain quantity discounts and avoid duplication of effort.

    Holly Butterfield, Procurement Coordinator
    Phone: 748-7521 
    Fax: 651-748-7564

  • Contact Us

    ISD 622 Finance
    District Education Center
    2520 E. 12th Avenue
    North St. Paul, MN  55109 

    Paul Imon Pedtke
    Director of Finance
    Fax: 651-748-7564

    Christine Thueson
    Executive Assistant
    Fax: 651-748-7577