• 2023 Local Scholarship Book

    Co-Action Academic Resources

    A letter to our community,

    Local business, community, and educational leaders established Co-Action Academic Resources with the goal of providing financial assistance to our youth and adult learners in support of helping them achieve post-secondary aspirations. Scholarships have been developed and are coordinated for residents and the workforce of the Maplewood, North St. Paul, and Oakdale areas.

    Co-Action is here to streamline the process of administering, creating, and streamlining post-secondary scholarships. Both for those looking to receive a scholarship and for those looking to donate dollars to give one. In addition, working to build a Co-Action Scholarship Fund that will provide scholarships today and well into the future.

    Investing in our youth and their post-secondary education has never been more important than now. We have never needed the help of the community more than today. As noted, we can create and distribute a scholarship for you or your business with a mere phone call. A really easy process to engage. Unlimited opportunities exist to sponsor, match or create new scholarships, endowments, or memorials. With a simple phone call or email, our group can take the administrative work out of the process and make your goals a reality.

    Co-Action is separate from, but supportive of, our schools. The scholarships solicited may be available to high school seniors who attend a public or private school within the ISD 622 boundaries. Returning adult learners who reside and/ or work within the stated boundaries are also eligible for some scholarships.

    Again, a gift of money and/or talents to Co-Action Academic Resources can make a tremendous difference in the lives of the youth and adult learners in our community.

    With your help, we can do more. Co-Action has now distributed hundreds of scholarships, and with continued financial support, we will continue to make our community a better place to live and work. Career goals realized make good economic sense for our community.

    Thanks for your dedication to education and the community.

    Marc L. Cove


    2022-2023 Chair of Co-Action
    Market President, First Resource Bank

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