• Welcome to Human Resources Woman filling out forms
    "We are here to serve you"

    The ISD 622 Human Resources Department believes in…


    • An HR strategy anchored to mission
    • Service organized around our customers
    • Focusing on people and relationships
    • Adding value to everything we do
    • Attracting, developing and retaining a quality workforce
    • Creating an organizational culture that people desire
    • Anticipating change and understanding what is necessary to implement it
    • Increasing diversity among our staff
    • Taking advantage of new technologies
      "A desirable, respectful workplace where quality people achieve our mission."

      The department's activities include:
      • Staffing/recruitment and selection Attract and retain quality employees of diverse backgrounds. Advertise, recruit, process, evaluate, hire, place, orient.
      • Performance management Assure that performance is aligned with School Board goals and vision. Create a culture of frequent performance feedback and consistent performance expectations. Performance appraisals and corrective measures taken when necessary.
      • Benefits administration/management Procure insurance plans, enroll employees and administer claims, customer service issues and cost effectiveness. Manage the time-off system.
      • Compensation/classification/job evaluation Provide competitive wages that aid in recruitment, retention and positive organizational culture. Develop job specifications for all positions. Undertake ongoing job evaluation and reclassification process.
      • Employee/labor relations Grievance resolution, contract negotiations, and problem resolution for seven bargaining units.
      • Organizational health Wellness program, return-to-work program, workers' compensation, FMLA and ADA accommodations, safety issues.
      • Human Resources records management Establish and maintain all employee records.
      • Personnel transactions Record and track wage, step, and lane changes, as well as promotions, job transfers, hirings, terminations, payroll adjustments.