Laurie Wahl
    Department / Grade: STEM Specialist
    At Skyview Elementary, we love math and science! As the STEM Specialist at Skyview, I get to work with almost every student at our school.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  STEM is an addition to our regular math and science curriculum.  Each classroom comes to STEM once every 3 days, for 50 minutes. 
    Our big focus this year will be on engineering!  Students will be working in teams to solve engineering problems, with different grade levels working on different problems.  For example, 3rd graders will be working on designing strong walls the first trimester.  Teams will learn about walls, ask questions, imagine (brainstorm) together, test different types of mortar, create a plan for a wall using their own mortar recipe, then build their wall and test its strength! Then comes the most important part.  Teams will imagine (brainstorm) together again,  make a new plan for an even stronger wall, and have the chance to build and test their improved wall.   Not only are students adding to their knowledge of science and math, but they are also learning about real-life uses for this knowledge.   Sound like fun?  You bet!
     I am so excited to be teaching STEM to our great Skyview students!