• Student Responsibility Policies
    All students have the right to an education, the right to learn, the right to due process under law, and shall be afforded all rights provided under federal and state law. Students also have certain responsibilities that contribute to the quality of their educational experience. To that end, the School Board developed the Student Discipline and Notice of Suspension Policy (EM-020.15), which sets forth students’ rights, the expectations of student conduct and the consequences for failure to comply with those expectations.
    The policies listed here are the district’s Student Responsibility Policies. Each policy is summarized below with the full policy available online at www.isd622.org/policies.
    • E-011 - Student Surveys
    • E-014 - Graduation Requirements
    • E-015 - Student Attendance
    • E-016 - Student Dress and Appearance
    • E-041 - Employment Background Checks
    • E-083 - Distribution of Nonschool-Sponsored Materials on School Premises by Students and Employees  
    • E-098 - Unpaid Meal Charges
    • EM-020.7 - Harassment and Violence   
    • EM-020.8 - Chemical Use and Abuse   
    • EM-020.9 - Drug-Free Workplace/ Drug-Free School
    • EM-020.10 - Tobacco-Free Environment
    • EM-020.13 - School Weapons
    • EM-020.14 - Search of Student Lockers, Desks, Personal Possessions, and Student’s Person
    • EM-020.15 - Student Discipline and Notice of Suspension    
    • EM-020.16 - Bullying Prohibition 
    • EM-020.17 - Protection and Privacy of Pupil Records Public Notice Form  
    • EM-020.18 - Student Medication and Procedures
    • EM-020.20 - Student Sex Nondiscrimination
    • EM-202-21 - Internet Acceptable Use   
    • EM-020.22 - Hazing Prohibition
    • EM-020.24 - Wellness
    Here is a complete copy of the Student and Parent Handbook.